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What makes you a joyful mother?

Being a first time mother and having my husband next to my side throughout my pregnancy has brought me lots of joy. While our daughter is only four weeks old, we cannot believe all of her facial expressions she makes each day and the joy they bring us.


What did you like the most about being pregnant?

The part I enjoyed the most while being pregnant was feeling my daughter kick and move around. The first time I felt her kick I was shopping and had to sit down for a few minutes because I was so excited and overcome with emotions.


What did you find the hardest about pregnancy?

The hardest part about my pregnancy was preparing to care for a baby. I didn’t have siblings growing up and wasn’t around babies so changing diapers, burping and other responsibilities seemed nearly impossible for me.


A surprise related to pregnancy you didn’t expect?

As much as my husband and I prepared for labor and delivery, we weren’t prepared to have our daughter spend time in the neonatal intensive care unit. We took as many baby preparation classes that the hospital offered but none of them discussed the possibility of spending time in intensive care.


What is your top tip for other pregnant women?  

My top tip for other pregnant women is to enjoy every minute of pregnancy. As slow as the 40 weeks feel, they fly by fast and before you know it your baby is in your arms. I would also recommend buying an Ilado chime necklace early in your pregnancy. It gives your baby comfort during and after pregnancy and is simple yet stylish to go with any outfit!



You wore one of our chiming necklaces during your pregnancy. Can you share your experience about it?   

I came across Ilado on Instagram and my husband surprised me with the Lucky Star Diamond necklace for Christmas and I wore it every day throughout my pregnancy. Because our daughter was taken to intensive care shortly after delivery, she spent the next week having tests done on her heart and lungs. As you can imagine, she wasn’t comfortable and cried during the tests until I put my necklace close to her ear and let the chimes comfort her. She instantly stopped crying and looked up at me for the longest time. I was overwhelmed with emotions and began crying at the thought of how a necklace could bring so much comfort to my baby.


What would you like your daughter to learn from you ?

As my daughter grows and becomes an adult, I would like her to learn to how important family is and that her father and I will always be there for her. Growing up, my father has been one of my best friends and I’ve learned so much from him. I can only hope my daughter learns as much from us.


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